Welcome to Paton@School, your source for professionally designed and branded educational materials and lesson plans.

Since 1999, Paton Publishing has been developing sports-branded educational programs to help educators teach their curriculum in a fun and engaging way. We create innovative, curriculum-based in-school programs using leading edge online application that use familiar subjects (for example sports or entertainment) as a basis for learning. We custom design programs to meet the specific needs of your business and brands to maximize your programs reach and cost efficiency. We offer youth marketing expertise and high profile, relevant vehicles that reach young children, teachers and parents. Educators download classroom-ready activates (pre-approved by education specialists), while kids interact directly with online games.

Professional sports teams have long since recognized the importance of leveraging the power of their brand to not only engage the youth market and build lifelong fans but also to be a catalyst for positive change in their communities. Paton Publishing’s @School program harnesses the power of your brand to build fan affinity and support your team’s core values and goals.

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